Belcolade Banana Bread by Puratos India

Belcolade Banana Bread

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Belcolade Banana Bread and its Premium Chocolate made in Belgium

We believe this is the best cocoa in the world.  You can spend more, but you won’t find better.  There is a reason that the best pastry chefs, bakers, and candy makers in the world choose this cocoa.  

If you want to bake like the best pastry chefs, use their secret and try this cocoa.  It’s as rich and intense as Ramstadt Breda Rich Dark Cocoa but it is very distinctive, complex, and with mellow undertones.  We don’t use it all the time–it’s our “go to” special occasion cocoa–but when we use it, it’s fantastic.   

At 22/24%, this has three times the cocoa butter of most cocoa powders.  Cocoa butter gives richness and flavor and mellows the harshness found in cocoa beans. We sell this cocoa in two sizes: a 6.6 pound commercial package by Belcolade and a one pound package that we produce from bulk purchases. The cocoa is the same. 

See A Buyer’s Guide to Cocoa to understand more about cocoa flavors.

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